NOGGERATH Betontechnik GmbH Windmühlenstraße 26 31675 Bückeburg Phone 49 5722 99 14 0 Fax 49 5722 99 14 44 info noggerath betontechnik de www noggerath betontechnik de Lightweight Bullfloat GP 120 Technical Specifications Weight without handle 5 6 kgWeight handle each 1 0 kgLength handle each 180 cmQuantity of handle 3 540 cmDimension of blade 120 x 20 cmPitch control of blade Rotate the handle bar Lightweight Bullfloat for use in industrial construction An addition for vibration screeds Perfect to repair unevenness and strips or ridges Levelling flow concrete if it was installed by Laser method No concrete slurry on top of the concrete surface Leveling and smoothing from a standing position with a working range up to 6 m Smoothing of concrete in slopes on ramps or other difficult slope constructions

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