NOGGERATH Betontechnik GmbH Windmühlenstraße 26 31675 Bückeburg Phone 49 5722 99 14 0 Fax 49 5722 99 14 44 info noggerath betontechnik de www noggerath betontechnik de Power Trowel LEVO 765 SG 965 SG The next generation of low emission Electric Power Trowels The BELIDOR Power Trowels of the LEVO SG series are developed together with operators Fatigue free and ergonomic work as well as optimal operation comfort was the main target of the development of this machine Technical Specifications LEVO 765 SG LEVO 965 SG Pan Size 76 5 cm 96 5 cm Max Rotor Speed 60 117 rpm 60 117 rpm Drive Unit Electric engine 1 8 2 4 kW Electric engine 1 8 2 4 kW Voltage Current 400 V 4 3 A three phase 400 V 4 3 A three phase Operation range 3 5 m 3 5 m Operating weight blades 85 kg 89 kg pan 95 kg 99 kg Typical Feature of the LEVO SG series Foldable Handle and Lifting Hook for easy storage and transport 2 00m long Handle bar for Fatigue free control with little effort Height Adjustable Handle for ergonomic work Solid protection cover Step less pitch adjustment of the blade can be controlled directly from the top of handle bar Electric engine Emission free according to German Workplace ordinance Low maintenance requirements Thermal Motor Protection to ensure long life of engine Permanent rotation field monitoring guaranteed the correct rotation direction of the blades and pan The Float pan creates a non slip surface The fi rst processing step will be made with the fl oat pan when the top layer of the concrete surface is hard enough to remain a light footprint when you stand on it The Finish Blade creates an exposed concrete quality surface After the fi rst processing step with the fl oat pan the second processing step will we done with the four fi nish blades The fi nish blades can be used on both sides to double the blade lifetime

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