NOGGERATH Betontechnik GmbH Windmühlenstraße 26 31675 Bückeburg Telefon 05722 99 14 0 Telefax 05722 99 14 44 info noggerath betontechnik de www noggerath betontechnik de Power Trowel G 765 B und G 965 B Technical Specifications Power Trowel G 765 B und G 965 B Pan Size 765 mm 965 mmMax Rotor Speed 70 125 U minDrive Unit Gasoline 4 9kW 6 5 HP Operating weight blades pan 75 85 kg 79 89 kg Length of the handle bar 1600 mmSound pressure level 92 8 db A Sound pressure 108 6 db A Sound to operator 93 0 db A Handle vibrations 8 2 m sec The BELIDOR Power Trowels of the gasoline series captivate with fatigue free and ergo nomic design The machines are characterized by a height adjustable handle The float pan creates a non slip surface The first processing step will bemade with the float pan when the top layer of the concretesurface is hard enough to remain a light footprint when youstand on it If there asked for an exposed concrete quality surface finishblades will be used for After the first processing step with thefloat pan it will be removed and the second processing step willbe done with the four finish blades The finish blades can be useon both sides to double the blade lifetime According to the maturity of the concrete the angle of the bladeswill be adjusted with the blade adjuster wheel at the top of thehandle 1 Drive TechnologyThe power transmission from the air cooled gasoline engine to the maintenance free gearbox will be doneby v belt The engine is equipped with an automatic belt tensioner For maximum engine protection an auto matic low oil level cut off system is built in 2 Protection CoverThe rotating parts are protected by a solid protection cover 3 Dead man leverThe dead man lever on the handle have to be pushed down during work Release the dead man lever theengine will be switched off immediately 4 Height Adjustable HandleFor ergonomic work the handle can be adjusted at comfortable working hight suitable catalyst for gasolineengine katalog 2021 englisch indd 9 26 04 2021 22 46 04

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