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Noggerath Betontechnik® GmbH - levelling and compacting of concrete

The Noggerath Betontechnik GmbH® is one of the leading partners in the construction industry in Germany. Since 2007 the successful products of the traditional brand NOGGERATH Betontechnik have been further produced and marketed under the name BELIDOR®. For decades NOGGERATH Betontechnik is established as a reliable partner for the construction industry with the recognised cutting edge technology of its products and problem solutions in the field of accurate height-levelling and compacting of concrete.

By bundling the activities of both companies, a high-performance organization of experienced experts was brought together supporting the specialized companies in the optimal production of concrete surfaces in road construction according to flatness tolerances of the ZTV Concrete – StB 07 and DIN 18316 and in industrial construction according to flatness tolerances DIN 18202.

This range of services includes compaction, accurate height-levelling and mechanical trowelled finish of concrete. Together with our customers we develop the optimal combination of products and service.

Take advantage of our experience on construction sites.

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“Beton” – Bélidor, Bernard Forest de (1697 – 1761) learn more