The DTA 2.3 – Screed
The DTA 2.3 – Screed

The DTA surface screed for working widths up to 6.20 m are used for most types of concrete floors.
In each profile is an adjustable tensioning device to prevent the sag of the profiles due to the weight of the vibrator unit. A switch and electrical plug is mounted on a separate clamp fixed unit to one end of the beam.
The vibrator unit is straddled on the profiles and may be moved to a beam of another length. To use our railing system outrigger will be mounted on the screed. The rubber roller will damping the vibration of the screed and avoids the transfer of the vibration to the railing system. A high degree of flatness according to DIN 18.202 is possible with the DTA 2.3 Screed.

Outrigger for The DTA 2.3 – Screed
Outrigger for The DTA 2.3 – Screed

Outrigger height adjustable 12,5 cm up to 25 cm over top level concrete floor, weight: 21 kg

Technical Specifications The DTA 2.3 – Screed
Vibration Unit: Electric engine 0,27 kW 400 V / 0,58 A / 3 phases 50 Hz
Weight: 27 kg
Type of protection: IP 65
Centrifugal force: adjustable up to 3000 N – 3000 vibrations per minutes
Beam Beams length in m 3,20/ 4,20/ 5,20/ other lengths on request
Weight of beam in kg 57/ 69/ 79
built in tensioning device
Outrigger Height adjustable 12,5cm up to 25cm over top level concrete floor
Weight: 21 kg
Compatible Accessories
Outrigger U2 / DTA 2.3 one site (25 kg)
Outrigger U2 / DTA 2.3 both sites (each 25 kg)