The Flex Screed V–M
The Flex Screed V–M

The Flex Screed V–M is made of a self-supporting Aluminum frame-work. The module sections can be assembled as a building block system up to 7.25 meters in any order.

With the adjustable vibration unit the vibration energy can be modulated according to the working-width to get an optimum surface compaction up to 15 cm in depth.

The Flex Screed V–M
The Flex Screed V–M
The Flex Screed V–M
The Flex Screed V–M

The assembling is very easy and fast. The frames will be screwed and with the turnbuckle at the top beam aligned. At every connection of the module section a slab profiling up to +- 5% can be made. Necessary profiling for example for a carriage-way slab in bridge building can be achieved.
A high degree of flatness according to DIN 18.202 is possible with the Flex Screed V-M. The screed will be used for small floors in industrial construction or bridge construction.

Technical Specifications The Flex Screed V–M
Vibration Unit: Electric engine 0,27 kW 400 V / 0,58 A / 3 phases 50 Hz
Type of protection: IP 65
Centrifugal force: adjustable 310 N up to 3100 N – 3000 vibrations per minutes
Weight: 10 kg
Depth of compaction: up to 15 cm
Module sections: 0,50m 0,75m 1,00m 1,50m 1,75m 2,00m El-Part End-Part
Weight of section: 15kg 16kg 17kg 25kg 27kg 31kg 30 kg 25kg
Outrigger: Height adjustable 15cm up to 25cm over top level concrete floor
Weight: 21 kg
Compatible Accessories
Outrigger U2 / DTA SG one site (25 kg)
Outrigger U2 / DTA SG both sites (each 25 kg)